The Summit Vendors

Good Day Fellow Readers! A few weeks back I opened up registration to the online Virtual Market called “The Summit” that will take place right here on this blog. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to tell a story about what they sell, and for others to explore and shop. So far we have 15 vendors that have […]

Airdrie Genesis Place

So Genesis Place has opened backup for business after being shut down for Covid-19, and I am curious how do you feel about it? Some of it, I can understand, but other things i’m not sure, Like how do you play basketball with staying 6ft apart? But I know the biggest thing to keep in mind is just because they […]

Flavours of Airdrie

Flavours of Airdrie is now open for registration! However do to Covid-19 we had to change the way we are doing things. You can have one of two options: Setup on site for the drive up portion Blog just like on social media you will get a time to post images, video’s or stories about your product. Ever post something […]

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