Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for reasons to get outside, and to engage with our local businesses in Airdrie? Are you running out of ideas to keep your kids (and you) from climbing the walls?

Well we have the perfect thing for you, its called the Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt!

Registration is now closed.

How does it work?

Businesses will register and pick a item in their store that the contestants (you) need to find based on a clue (You will have the whole month of October to complete the Scavenger Hunt). The list will be emailed to you the morning of October 1st.

Once you find your clue at the store, please inform a staff member and let them know the answer. They will then complete their Scavenger Hunt Sheet with your information.

On October 31st we will draw two winners at our Virtual Dance Party (Follow us on Facebook) for the information.

It’s that easy, and it’s that fun to discover your new favorite shopping places!

First Prize:

$1000.00 Cash Prize

Sponsored by: All Fitts Auto for donating $500.00, Superior Hearing Solutions for donating $200.00 and ShopLift Deals for donating $300.00

For more information on our Sponsors for this event click here.

Extra Prizes:

We have gathered together all the prizes and will be giving away 9 PRIZES at the end of the Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt.

  • 2nd Place Winner -> $800.00 Gift Basket
  • 3rd Place Winner -> $600.00 Gift Basket
  • 4th Place Winner -> $400.00 Gift Basket
  • 5th Place Winner -> $200.00 Prize
  • 6th Place Winner -> $100.00 Prize
  • 7th Place Winner -> $70.00 Prize
  • 8th Place Winner -> $50.00 Prize
  • 9th Place Winner -> $50.00 Prize

This is additional to the photo contest. So post your photo’s of you or your family doing the Scavenger Hunt and you could win an additional 1 of 3 $150 prizes on top of 1 of 9 prizes at the end.~Happy Hunting Everyone

Sponsored by: Airdrie Local Businesses

If you missed it here are the registration links again 👇

Registration is now closed.

7 thoughts on “Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt

    • Author gravatar

      Hi I’d like to participate in the scavenger hunt portion as well please. Contact me with any information you may need.
      Brett Fitt
      All Fitts Auto
      108 1st street nw

    • Author gravatar

      This is such a great idea! I own a boutique training studio and would like to be a part of the scavenger hunt.
      Please contact me with further details

      Tracy Winger
      Tri Fit Training

    • […] Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt More information on the Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt […]

    • Author gravatar

      House of Cars is signed up and ready to go…. look forward to everyone stopping in and participating in this great event!!!!

    • Author gravatar

      This is just another reason to love Airdrie! I am so in!

    • Author gravatar

      This is perfect! Last month we as a family of four decided we would by local for Christmas this year, our boys are 9 & 12 and they are over the moon excited for the challenge (husband attempted to convince me Amazon was Canadian but it didn’t work) haha. We will each have the same budget and over the next 2 months we want to visit as many stores as possible, the only rule is it CANT be made outside of Canada. That way we are supporting our community/Canadians during these challenging times.
      We also decided to do the same for for birthdays and other holidays, for my husbands birthday we skipped a cake and tried gourmet candy apples instead. This is where we got the idea from, the shop owner was beyond grateful for our small purchase of $75 it made me rethink how we are spending and how can we help others. A few small transacts make a difference.
      Maybe we should challenge more families to do the same? ; )

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