Scavenger Hunt Sponsors

We’d like to give a shout out to all the businesses that are helping this event happen. Without them we wouldn’t have prizes to give away, or be able to advertise the event.

Title Sponsors

All Fitts Auto If you ever need a mechanic that’s honest, trustworthy with reasonable prices? Brett and his team at All Fitts Automotive is your guy, located right in the heart of Airdrie. Brett has been running the shop since 2006, and has 20+ years of experience with a variety of vehicles including general automotive repairs to engine rebuilding. Brett’s childhood passion for muscle cars is still going strong today, trying to constantly improve performance knowing you can only go as fast as you can afford.

At All Fitts Automotive we are committed to our customers and our community. We understand that trust must be earned when it comes to selecting your Automotive Repair Centre and for that we will ensure your time and money are well spent.

All Fitts Auto has become one of our amazing sponsors for this event as his business is donating $500.00 towards the 1st place winner.

Woodside Denture Centre has been been in Airdrie since 2003 and are fully equipped lab to help with denture needs, and are completed onsite.

After struggles with 2 sets of dentures for my grandma we took some advice and contact Woodside Denture Centre. To say these people are amazing is a understatement. They have educated us, taken care of my grandmother and fitted her wonderfully with her new teeth. i wish we had some here years earlier and highly recommend them! ~Crystal

Woodside Denture Centre is our second amazing sponsor for this event, as they have graciously donated $500.00 towards advertising this Scavenger Hunt.

ShopLift Deals you remember the old Ikea commercial “Start the start, start the car”? Shoplift is that, amazing deals that make your feel like they are too good to be true. They have products for men, women, children, your home, health and more. Shoplift is our third sponsor for Airdrie Business Scavenger Hunt as they are donating in a variety of ways. After our grand prize for raised to $700.00, they graciously are upping it to $1000.00 prize, donating $100.00 prize to help market the event, and a few other marketing campaigns.

Thank you again for our Title Sponsors, with the support from you this event will be AMAZING!!

Moody’s Mediterranean Moodie has been generous is donating this time to design the graphic’s for this event. For those who don’t know Moody he runs his own mediterranean cuisine in Cooper’s promenade. If you haven’t been there, please go say hi and try his great food.

~The Airdrie Scavenger Hunt

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