Toy Age Restrictions

A bonus about open ended toys is the interaction of the individual playing with it. For example the Hammer Away toy shown above is suggested age of 19 months to preschool. Yet at markets I’ve had 13 year old’s play with this toy.

This Maze Ball is recommended for after 8+ yet my 3 year old is in LOVE with it. At first he thought the idea was to get the little ball of the track and would get excited to when it happened. After skating him how it works now he’s loves yelling to get there maybe into one of the 3 starting points. Even though he may not understand they rest of it, he still tried a and can spend minutes playing with this.

This Playful Patterns is suggested after 4+, yet again my 3 year old loves it and even at a young age you can work on colors with your little ones or shapes (caution small pieces). This is also great for seniors to help with their fine motor skills.

Do you let age restrictions affect how your child plays with a toy?

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