The Summit Vendors

Good Day Fellow Readers! A few weeks back I opened up registration to the online Virtual Market called “The Summit” that will take place right here on this blog. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to tell a story about what they sell, and for others to explore and shop. So far we have 15 vendors that have […]

Airdrie Genesis Place

So Genesis Place has opened backup for business after being shut down for Covid-19, and I am curious how do you feel about it? Some of it, I can understand, but other things i’m not sure, Like how do you play basketball with staying 6ft apart? But I know the biggest thing to keep in mind is just because they […]

Flavours of Airdrie

Flavours of Airdrie is now open for registration! However do to Covid-19 we had to change the way we are doing things. You can have one of two options: Setup on site for the drive up portion Blog just like on social media you will get a time to post images, video’s or stories about your product. Ever post something […]

Toy Age Restrictions

A bonus about open ended toys is the interaction of the individual playing with it. For example the Hammer Away toy shown above is suggested age of 19 months to preschool. Yet at markets I’ve had 13 year old’s play with this toy. This Maze Ball is recommended for after 8+ yet my 3 year old is in LOVE with […]

Toilet Paper Line

So I got to Costco yesterday am to buy our usual one pack of toilet paper and there was a lineup….. The amount of people I saw with 6 packs of toilet paper disgusted me, you know there is a shortage do you not? So I’m asking my readers when you have a family of 4 or more how much […]