Airdrie Genesis Place

So Genesis Place has opened backup for business after being shut down for Covid-19, and I am curious how do you feel about it? Some of it, I can understand, but other things i’m not sure, Like how do you play basketball with staying 6ft apart? But I know the biggest thing to keep in mind is just because they […]

Toy Age Restrictions

A bonus about open ended toys is the interaction of the individual playing with it. For example the Hammer Away toy shown above is suggested age of 19 months to preschool. Yet at markets I’ve had 13 year old’s play with this toy. This Maze Ball is recommended for after 8+ yet my 3 year old is in LOVE with […]

Family Day Weekend

What did you do this Valentine and Family Day Long Weekend? We didn’t get to do as much for Valentine’s as we wanted but that’s ok. Saturday we went for a hike in Kananaskis, this was Airiks longest hike. He did pretty good considering he had to trek through some snow. Today we might go play at ‘The Big Fun […]

Pure safe and beneficial

skincare, nutrition, looks and relaxation Are you looking for a good way to stay healthy, backed by a group of leading biochemist, biologist and herbalist? Things are not what they used to be and lot of times its more about convenience then the health. I believe things are starting to change again and people do care about what they ingest […]

Strength in Numbers

How many of you have heard of Cookies by Jen? For those who have not, she makes amazing German Spritzgebäck ( shplitz-ghe-beck ) Cookies . Depression is tough and is never a easy thing to go through, Jenn experienced this first hand when her carrier of youth care worker was over. Due to circumstances beyond her control Jenn had a […]

Only 6 Gunsmiths

I just had the joys of talking to Logan Crowford from Crowford’s Crosshairs. Logan had spent 6 years working in law enforcement and when he decided to leave, he started his own Gunsmithing company 3 years ago. Did you know Alberta only has 6 gunsmiths? In 2016 127,000 hunting licenses in Alberta were bought, that’s a lot of gun cleaning. […]

Support Local Airdrie Map

I love it with the shop local post exploding someone created a map to help you find all the wonderful local stores in the area. Check it out for your self:

Support Local

Airdrie biz explodes with support and that’s why sometimes Facebook can be an amazing thing. Someone had posted in the mom’s group about a local Airdrie shop and was wondering what other local stores are in Airdrie that they might be missing out on and of course, the post exploded with so many wonderful stores. This Airdrie Biz explodes with […]

Airdrie Gives

So I got the joy of meeting the wonderful gentleman who created Airdrie Gives and what a great concept it is. I can’t wait to use it on my next fundraiser event. For those of you who don’t know what Airdrie Gives is check out this site here. Its a awesome contact for business to get more business and to […]

Heart of the Community

Heart of the Community opened up in 2016 Here’s a Story from Tamara the one who runs Heart of the Community: So I thought I would tell you a bit about myself and why I started Heart of the Community. I was born in Calgary and when I was a few months old we moved to Airdrie, my dad drove […]

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