Crafty Grandma

I’m new to Airdrie and enjoying living here. I’m retired and enjoy creating things. I create wreaths for all occasions with different designs and colours. I’ve been making them for gifts for many years but this is the first time selling to the public. I was unsure at first as I never thought that I had the talent to do it for people I didn’t know. When you know the person you are creating for you have an idea what they are going to like. It’s been an amazing experience and have had some fantastic ladies order from me. I love what I do so it comes easy. It is a great challenge trying to fulfil their wish for different colour combinations etc. I’ve learnt a lot to with working with these different combinations. I’m slowly getting more orders but difficult when you don’t know many people. I have to say Airdrie is a very friendly place to live. In closing I hope to hear from you lovely people out there. It’s not to early to order for fall or Christmas. Hopefully will hear from some of you lovely ladies. ????

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