Airdrie Genesis Place

Lane Pool at Genesis Place Airdrie, Alberta is opened back up

So Genesis Place has opened backup for business after being shut down for Covid-19, and I am curious how do you feel about it? Some of it, I can understand, but other things i’m not sure, Like how do you play basketball with staying 6ft apart?

But I know the biggest thing to keep in mind is just because they are open doesn’t mean the virus is gone, it just means they are equipped to handle the situation better and care for their staff and customers. Even though you may not believe in the virus think of is this way: if your a huger and you went a hugged a random stranger it would be awkward and you might even get slapped or worse. We all have our own personal bubbles, rights and believes so please respect everyone else. Please check out their site for protocols on staying safe while so everyone can enjoy their visit.

Is there a place in Airdrie that hasn’t opened yet that you would like to see open?

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