WordPress How To

This tutorial is how to post a story/blog about your business. This is essential as all social media posting will be pointing to these stories.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know you and what you can offer. If you don’t feel you are good at writing stories that’s ok showcase some of your best products and a link to purchase them from.

Once you have paid for your space a author account will be created for you and you will receive a email to log in.

Please see rest of this tutorial on how to use wordpress.

Email to Expect

Change Randomly Generated Password

When you go to log into the site for the first time it will show you your random password, you can choose to keep or change it.

Copy and paste the password and keep it safe. Please do not use any existing passwords.

Log In Screen

You can use the email you submitted on the registration form for this event or your first initial and last name to log in.

Log in with the default password or the password that you set it to. If you are having troubles logging in please click the lost your password


Creating New Post

Step one to creating your own post

Click + New


Welcome to the Block Editor will appear the first time (see next page)

Block Editor

When you open up wordpress for the first time it will show your this block editor. 

This plus sign is used to add blocks to your page such as: •Images •Video’s •

You also use this for format your pages. For example if you want columns or a table look. I use 2 columns for a lot of my stuff, I put the image in one and the text in the other.

Here are two examples of how you can insert a image and text.

As you see the first sample the image is centered between the paragraph.

The second one as two columns the image stays centered in your paragraph.


The slug is part of the URL (see image below)

Please choose something that reflects your products and/or business. Your business name works great as long as its unique.


You will have a variety of categories to choose from but please only choose one that you feel best suits you.

  • Airdrie Food
  • Airdrie Retail
  • Airdrie Services
  • Events
  • Mom Life
  • Shop Local


Once you are done your post its time to schedule. On the right hand side you will see Publish  and to the right on that Immediately

  • Click on Immediately
  • Click on your scheduled time and date (see email)
  • Check mark pending review